Howard County Professional Fire Fighters - IAFF Local 2000

Fire Fighters Battling Cancer - Why We Fight to Protect Our Members

Ever wonder why you hear about fire fighter unions fighting so hard to provide benefits to our members?  The video above is representative of the fight that fire fighters all over the country are facing each day; the fight against cancers caused by the hundreds of different chemicals we come in contact with every day. 

Highlighted in the video is the little discussed issue of diesel exhaust.  Even fire fighter/paramedics who might spend more of their time on ambulances than fire engines or fire trucks still come back to the same fire stations where diesel exhaust permeates the air, settles on any and all surfaces, and soaks into our gear and other porous materials.

As more studies are done, and more information is learned, the picture gets even more grim.  This is why we fight for our members.

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